Flexographic Plate Processor
Cleaning Program

HPS Technologies Global has a dedicated staff of technicians who perform a variety of maintenance and repair services related to the flexographic industry. Being out in the field, it has become evident that there is a common issue of processor polymer accumulation that is negatively affecting plate-making production. 

We have been working closely with various flexographic plate manufacturers to formulate a processor cleaning program along with a special tool design, and are proud to announce its finalization. Our processor cleaning service includes a full system flush using our specially designed HPS-PC solvent, as well as polymer removal and mechanical cleaning of processor trays, tanks, brushes, internal solvent pumps, solvent lines, and delivery and exit areas of the plate processor. 

Once processors have been fully cleaned and are free of debris, settings like flow rate often need to be readjusted to account for the increased efficiencies of the machine. At the end of each cleaning service, our technicians evaluate and calibrate the system to allow for optimum performance.

Once HPS technicians have performed a cleaning, we can provide a recommended service schedule based upon your plate output. Please note, we are able to bundle our plate processor cleaning service with our other distillation unit services (installs, maintenance, repair) in order to avoid multiple invoices and excess travel expenses.

Benefits of a Clean Processor
  • Eliminates debris being deposited onto plates

  • Increases machine reliability

  • Machine more consistently processes quality plates





Pictures above demonstrate the results of HPS-PC system flush and mechanical cleaning on 12-year accumulation of solid polymer on a Schwan 3000 BP.

Here’s what others have to say...

"Your plate processor cleaning program has been a real success with us. We will definitely be using this service again and recommend it to all plate makers with solvent-based plate processing equipment."   

John M., North American Graphics

*   *   *


"We have found that this cleaning service has allowed us to maintain better consistencies within our plate-making process. HPS has now cleaned the processors in our Canadian facility and we plan on arranging a time for them to visit all of our other facilities in the near future." 

- Ben A., Autumn Graphics

*   *   *


"We want to thank HPS for the job completed on our plate processor a few weeks ago. The unique cleaning tools, chemistry used for dissolving the polymer, and the know-how of the technicians made all the difference for us in producing debris-free plates. " 

- Tim H., Pacificolor