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HPS Technologies Global provides the highest performance solvent recyclers.  Solvent recyclers provide a practical means to both minimize the amount of solvent your company wastes and save money on material costs. Because solvent can be used indefinitely, our solvent recyclers help you reclaim the solvent used to clean your production machines for future use and remove any contaminants that were washed away initially. Each and every one of our solvent recycling units is certified to UL 2208 as well as ATEX II explosion-proof standards.

Out of all the benefits that solvent recyclers can provide your company, the one that resonates most with our customers is the potential savings they can experience by incorporating these machines in their place of work. If you do not currently recycle your solvents, you are fully aware that there are a many large costs involved in the disposal. It makes financial sense to consider recycling used solvents with a solvent distillation

We have solvent recycling units to fit almost every need.  If you have questions about which system you need, or need assistance in evaluating the production and economic benefits, please contact us.  We are here to assist you.

Low Volume

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Low volume solvent recyclers are available in 2.6, 4, 6.6, 11, and 16-gallon capacities. Certified to UL 2208 and ATEX II 2G explosion-proof standards with an 8-bit digital microprocessor controlling all aspects of the cycle, these distillation units personify ease-of-use. The 4-hour cycle time makes these the fastest and most efficient on the market. Their powder-painted, heavy-duty steel construction guarantees the unit’s durability over many years of service in any application. Options such as automatic loading, Teflon coated boiling tanks and vacuum distillation is available. These are the perfect solvent recyclers for those using small volumes of solvent weekly.

Medium Volume

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Medium volume solvent distillation units available in 24, 37 and 53-gallon capacities. PLC controlled automated cycle. Features include auto load, residual unload, vacuum assist, and Teflon coated distillation  tanks. Certified to UL 2208 and ATEX II 2G explosion-proof standards. These sturdy solvent distillation units represent the bridge between the medium volume user and the large-scale needs of a high volume operation. The Digit models offer more automation with autoloading and level control systems. A manually operated discharge of the waste product is available as an option for multiple runs.

High Volume

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The High Volume models, available in 37, 53, and 105-gallon capacities are ideal for medium to large operations. Designed to operate directly from drums or totes, these provide high productivity with low worker interventions. With a conically shaped boiling tank, automatic loading system and automatic waste unload, these units exhibit virtually hands-free operation. These models can be equipped with a scraper system to process high solid percentage waste streams. Optional liquid ring vacuum generators enable the distillation of high boiling solvents. Certified to UL 2208 and ATEX II 2G explosion-proof standards, these models are the cutting edge of safety and technology.

Continuous Operation

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The Continuous Model solvent recyclers are designed utilizing the standard ECOPLUS processors with advanced automation. Their purpose is to offer companies inline solvent recovery with total automation. These units are meant to plug into existing industrial operations accepting waste via piping directly to holding tanks and continually feeding clean product back to the processing system. Even the waste unload is automated to allow hands-free cycling of the equipment. Certified to UL 2208 and ATEX II 2G explosion-proof standards, these systems are the ultimate solution for high volume users requiring inline recycling of solvent waste products in any industry.

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